What is the anonymizer?

In recent years, more widespread anonymizer - special services that allow the user to not only hide your location, equipment, Internet browser and other confidential information, but also to visit various Internet resources, access to which for some reason is closed . For example, modern offices system administrators significantly limited list of sites available for viewing members; primarily in the list of banned enter a variety of recreational resources: social networking, file sharing, a variety of forums and blogs.

Principle of operation

The most common use anonymizer web proxies. The principle of operation of the web proxy is very simple: the user enters the address of the site it, the service loads the page and displays it to the user at a different address. This is achieved, and the effects of increasing anonymity (the user's browser requests a page itself is not a server) and bypass locks (known change the web page address to a new, unlocked).

Despite the obvious advantages of anonymizer - ease of use and no need to register and install any programs, this solution has significant drawbacks:

  • Limited support sites. Modern web resources tend to complication due to the increase of dynamic Web pages functionality. More and more sites contain complex Javascript-code, Flash-applications and Java-applets. If conventional pages anonymizer cope with a bang, then the pages that use technologies listed above can not be opened at all, or open with errors that hinder the full use of the site. In particular this applies to social networking sites and browser-based games with multimedia content.
  • The need to open each time anonymizer to access the necessary web resource brings additional inconvenience in use.
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