Payment Terms

The cost of delivered goods is prepaid.

To pay for your order, you should write your E-mail to the selected package (tariff) and then click on the "Buy" button. In the opening page, choose the method of payment: cash, bank transfer, electronic. After payment, within minutes selected package of proxies will be sent to the E-mail, which you mentioned before buying. Shipping and Refund Policy

Shipping and Refund Policy

  • Delivery of ordered Proxy server or proxy server packet (quantity clarifies in the order ) is made by e-mail, which was mentioned by the client as a shipping address.
  • You may request a refund or replace non-working ip addresses within 2 hours of the transaction if something you bought isn’t working, isn’t what you expected, was bought by accident, or you changed your mind about the purchase. If your refund is approved you will lose access to the plan.
  • After 2 hours purchased plan can not be changed.Refund requests made later than 2 hours after purchase will be ignored.


1. Description of used terms.
"Administration" - management and support team of site.
«Proxy-service" - type of service providing access to the list of proxy servers.
"Subscription" - subscribing to the proxy server.
"User" - a subject who acquires (or receives free in shares held) subscription providing by service. This agreement automatically is accepted by user.
"Subscription period" - the time period during which user has option to use a proxy server.
2. Subject of the agreement.
Users on the one hand and the Administration on the other hand accepted the agreement. According to it, the Administration is committed to providing service to the proxy server 24 hours a day and the prices specified in the subscription and user voluntarily uses it in any time in the subscription period.
3. Responsibility of the Parties.
А) The User undertakes to refrain from any actions that violate the legislation when using a proxy server provided by the Administration. That is the User agrees not to use a proxy server for spam mailings of any kind, mailing of child pornography, committing any fraud (including financial fraud), hacking, any attacks and other actions that may be harmful to other services and Internet users. Provided that the User violates any of these items, the Administration is not responsible for it. Criminal, legal and other responsibilities at this moment are laid solely to the User.
В) The Administration is liable if any outages (exceeding 12 hours) occur in the work of proxy server. In such a case, the Administration ensures the extended Subscription Period for the time the said outage (in accessing the proxy server) has lasted for.
Starting to use a proxy server, user automatically agrees to follow by all previously signed terms of use and agrees that the "rules" are subject to change at any time without getting notification. Any changes we may make to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on the main page of site. Please check "News" section frequently to see any updates or changes to our privacy policy.

Risk Disclosure (WEBMONEY)

We are an independent company, as well as independently we make all the decisions on pricing and offers for our services. In this case, the persons or companies exploiting WebMoney Transfer system, are neither recipients of any commission and other remuneration for their participation in the provision of our services, nor liable for the activities of our company. By performing certification, WebMoney Transfer only confirms the contact information provided by us and assures our personality. We carry out any certification on our own and are not associated with the sales of WebMoney system operators.


Questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy policy are welcomed. Please see our Contact page for our contact details.